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COVID-19 Protocols


All members of the Kemptville Chiropractic Clinic Team are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  The clinic continues to  be open for in

person appointments and to operate with regular practice hours.

The Ontario Government has announced the expiration of masking requirements in certain in-door settings, including health care

settings, and the expiration of COVID-19 directives related to the health sector as of June 11, 2022.  As a result of this action, 

mandatory masking in the clinic as well as active screening of patients will no longer be required following this date.

Although these changes are coming into effect, it is important to note that the clinic continues to implement policies to ensure safety.

The Chiropractors, staff and patients will be required to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and will not be able to attend the

clinic if they have COVID-19 symptoms or live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Even though the mask mandates have been removed, patients attending the clinic for treatment that would prefer to continue to 

wear their masks in the clinic may choose to do so to protect themselves.  In addition, patients may also request that their Chiropractor

be masked while they receive their treatment.  

Throughout this pandemic our focus has been on implementing all COVID-19 health and safety standards. 

We can assure you that our Clinic meets and exceeds the government guidelines.  Our patient safety and comfort are our main


The following is a list of the steps that we have implemented to promote a clean and safe clinic environment:

A sanitation station has been set up at the entrance of the clinic.  Hand sanitizer will be readily available there, at our reception desk

and in all treatment rooms.


Appointments are spaced to permit social distancing and limiting the number of patients in the clinic for care at a given time.

We continue to accept cash and checks , but encourage patients to use our debit payment option.

We now have Tap available on our debit terminal to minimize the handling of the debit machine. 

The clinic will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.  Throughout the day we will ensure treatment rooms are cleaned and sanitized

following every patient visit, including treatment tables, treatment modalities, diagnostic equipment, door handles and countertops.

Bathrooms will be available to our patients and will be disinfected throughout the day.

Finally, patients with special needs due to their health status (immunocompromised patients or those with chronic conditions) that

require chiropractic care but are concerned about their exposure to others, can feel free to discuss their specific needs with us. 

We we will do our best to schedule specific appointments that are isolated from others so that we can mitigate your risk to COVID - 19

and to other infections.  Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding our safety procedures.

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