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COVID-19 Protocols
















All members of the Kemptville Chiropractic Clinic are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  The clinic continues to  be open for in

person appointments.

Even though the mask mandates have been removed, patients attending the clinic for treatment that would prefer to continue to 

wear their masks in the clinic may choose to do so to protect themselves.  In addition, patients may also request that their Chiropractor

be masked while they receive their treatment.  

Finally, patients with special needs due to their health status (immunocompromised patients or those with chronic conditions) that

require chiropractic care but are concerned about their exposure to others, can feel free to discuss their specific needs with us. 

We we will do our best to schedule specific appointments that are isolated from others so that we can mitigate your risk to COVID - 19

and to other infections.  

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